About Us


Nail County is a South Korean-based nail salon established since 2002. We have been delivering exceptional nail services for 16 years, and have prominent presences across 6 branches for the convenience of our customers. We are based in Busan, the ocean city of South Korea. We are proud to be Singapore's First Premium Korean Nail Salons.

Our Vision

Nail County’s focus is on delivering a fulfilling experience from the moment you walk through our doors, to the moment you walk out with spellbinding results. Our team from South Korea possesses years of nail care expertise and is familiar with service excellence.

Our customers can rightfully expect luxurious comfort in a relaxed atmosphere, while being pampered with exceptional nail treatments made available by top-of-the-line facilities and superb quality products.


We deliver an extensive range of Korean nail art and provide nail repair treatments that are otherwise rarely available in the market. Customers are assured that our staff are highly experienced, our treatments and products are of exceptional quality and our customer service is royalty-worthy.

Our Organisation

Park Kyung Ku
Park Kyung Ku

Lim Chan Hwa
Lim Chan Hwa

Park Taeju
Park Taeju

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