Frequently Asked Questions

To answer most of your concerns, we are constantly updating this page to serve you better. We practice honest & sincere business ethics to serve our customers with a peace of mind.

What are the modes of payment that you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit Cards – [ Mastercard, Visa, JCB, American Express ], & NETS FlashPay.

I have done Gel Manicure/Pedicure at your shop before. Do I get a free soak off ?

Yes, we will provide you a free soak-off when you return for your next service. However, we do not provide free soak off if the Gel Manicure was previously done at other Nail salons.

My Gel Coating is chipped off. Can I get a re-service to touch up ?

If you are wearing shoes, we recommend that you take care of the sides of your big toe & small toe ends to not damage the coating. Shoes that are too tight can cause damage to your nails and the respective coating as well. Reservice touchups are on case by case basis and will be considered on any sub-standard work. Should you feel the need, please inform our managers and send a photo of the subjected issue.

I cannot understand what your staff is saying. Can you speak proper english?

About 60 – 80% of our staff are South Korean (depending on the shifts of the week). They are able to speak simple english and are improving their proficiency in order to serve customers better. We have english speaking Singaporean staff as well. Do shout out if you need to explain your requests if needed.

Why is your Nail Salon so expensive?

A very subjective claim, but we beg to differ. We are an honest business and we do not practice overcharging customers on our services. We review our prices competitvely before commiting to each charge. Our South Korean nail artist are of an entirely different tact & skillset, for the better standards & quality of your expectations.

Can I pay in a foreign currency?

We only accept Singapore dollars & credit cards of Mastercard or Visa prefered. There is a money changer merchant directly behind our shop near the entrance of Marina Square. Our shop assistant will direct you to the money changer.

I want to make a complain. I am not happy with my service. I will write a bad feedback about your nail salon if you don’t comply.

You might encounter a bad review, or a low rating on the social media platform. Unfortunately, we have no control over customer ratings online but to provide you our highest quality of standards. There are no perfect 5 stars, 10/10 standards which are too good to be true. Usually, a majority triumph of good ratings over the bad is what we strive for. Our staff will do their best to provide you to the best of their ability. A manager is always in store to hear about your case. Our directors will be in touch with you to follow up with any disputes. Should there be any sub-standards, we will do our best to compensate towards the service.

Our staff are humans too and no one is perfect. (Don’t we all have our good & bad days?)
However, we do not tolerate staff abuse, irrational behaviour or threats of blackmails from customers. In such extreme cases, we will escalate the issue to the Police with the in-store recorded evidence.

For the sake of utmost transparency, we urge you not to entirely trust online reviews, but experience the service and have your own judgements.

Terms & Conditions

Services provided are based on normal nail health & skin conditions. If you have a nail or skin condition, please declare with our nail artist before commencing any nail service. We will not be responsible or held liable for any undeclared information resulting to poor results or performance of the service.

Services are subject to a case by case basis in the event of a refund request that is due to any circumstance, would be determined by the manager’s decision. Nail County foresees to settle all disputes in a diplomatic and professional manner, except in the cases of complex situations or difficult customer behaviour which can possibly have an intervention with the Singapore law.

All prices, promotions & services are as of current Singapore dollar rate and are subject to change based on economic status.